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Our Story

Casita of Brooklyn was birthed over a dinner John and Jenn had in Miami. So many times you talk and joke about things that probably will never happen until one day they do. John wanted to introduce Jenn to his Godmother who lived in the building of what use to be a former coffee shop. When John asked where that coffee shop went, his Godmother said they left in August and the place had been vacant since. Taking their savings and all the time they had they decided to jump all in and sign a lease starting that November of 2020. John’s background and degree in food and beverage and Jenn’s keen eye to design and sales were a perfect match in what would soon become Casita of Brooklyn.


With the world shut down and not knowing what tomorrow would bring, we stayed true to our core values and invited our guests into our home. 2021 was truly a time when all we needed was family by our side, we opened an establishment that was more than just a place but a feeling.


3 years have gone by and we stand so proud knowing we have overcome many obstacles and are still walking through everything life throws at us (and we mean everything!) We call Casita of Brooklyn the little engine that could. We are so grateful for the people that have stood with us and supported us throughout the past couple of years.  Because of you we are still here and you have made our dreams possible!


With every guest that walks through the doors of Casita of Brooklyn, we hope you are overtaken by all the feelings that make you feel like you are HOME!

John Kastanis

John's career began working within banks and ended in hospitality. His banking experiences had prepared him for the business he now holds a great passion for! From training team members, assisting in the opening of 3 NYC restaurants, managing and being responsible as a Margin Analyst-Collateral Management and Valuations Associate, John learned essential skills that would assist him later in the hospitality industry. John has wanted nothing more than to open up something on his own. Not knowing where John's passion for the industry would take him, John finds himself years later co-owning his very own coffee shop. John's passion for people and knowledge in hospitality brings Casita of Brooklyn to where it is today! His humor and Dad jokes makes guests laugh despite what is happening in our current world. Casita of Brooklyn is a place he feels is HOME and makes sure every guests that walks in feels the same!

Jennifer O’Campo

A born and raised Miami girl, made the bold move to relocate to the unknown and exciting city of New York 6 years ago. She received her Bachelor's degree in Business and spent her career in the Fashion Industry. Jenn's career in Fashion has been selling to mom and pop shops over the US and Canada. Relationship building has always been her success and drive. Opening up Casita of Brooklyn allowed her to continue building relationships within the Park Slope Community.

Lauren Winegar

Lauren Winegar, a solo mom of 4, heard John and Jenn's vision for the coffee shop and was instantly inspired and wanted to be a part of it. Lauren saw an immediate opportunity for the future of her children and instantly asked to be a part of our journey. Lauren's passion for helping others and investing in others' lives is another reason why Casita of Brooklyn was such an opportunity for her. Lauren wanted to invest in something that brings people a place to feel like they are Home in a world that can sometimes feel everything but that.